I would like to create an order form.

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    Jacques du preez
    Asked on September 07, 2013 at 02:01 AM

    I want to enable my customers to place there orders online.

    Let me explain it by telling you basically how it must work,want my customer to log to go to a link,and log in with a username and password. When each one log in,his/her specific order form will open up.Customers must be able to review his orders or place new order
    I want to be able to change the status of the order etc. 


    I wil Include a sample of such a order form.Please can you help me asap


    Eagle Valley Poultry Order Form
    * - This form was last updated on 2013-08-12  
    Store Name: Rump & Ocean: 
    Delivery Date:  
    Category   Item Description: Packing description kg per unit Price/kg UNITS REQUIRED
    FRESH BULK (whole birds)  not in tray 13 R 18.50  
    FRESH SUPER BULK (whole birds)  2 bags with 5 birds p/bag 13 R 18.50  
    Frozen BULK Drumsticks  2 x 5 kg 10 R 22.50  
    FRESH Drumsticks 71 Black 7 R 23.50  
    FRESH Drumsticks 80 Black 8 R 23.50  
    FROZEN BULK Thighs  2 x 5 kg 10 R 16.50  
    FRESH Thighs 71 Black 7 R 19.50  
    FRESH Thighs 80 Black 8 R 19.50  
    FROZEN BULK Wings  2 x 5 kg 10 R 19.00  
    FRESH Wings 71 Black 7 R 21.00  
    FRESH Wings 80 Black 8 R 21.00  
    FRESH Chicken Fillets 71 Black 7 R 30.00  
    FRESH Chicken Fillets 80 Black 8 R 30.00  
    FRESH Star Pack 79 Black 7 R 20.50  
    FRESH Double Starpack 80 Black 8 R 20.50  
    FRESH Single Braai Pack 69 Black 7 R 21.50  
    FRESH Double Braai Pack 80 Black 8 R 21.50  
    FROZEN Heads & Feet   4kg Box 4 R 7.00  
    FRESH Necks  10x1kg 10 R 10.50  
    FRESH Liver 10x1kg 10 R 11.50  
    FRESH Hearts  10x1kg 10 R 14.50  
    FRESH Gizzards 10x1kg 10 R 15.20  
    FROZEN IQF 2kg 6x2kg 12 R 14.70  
    FROZEN IQF 5kg 3x5kg 15 R 14.70  



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    Answered on September 07, 2013 at 03:52 AM


    I am afraid you cannot create a username and password field in your account. Because getting passwords and usernames is considered phishing and this is strictly prohibited by our terms of use. And your form might be suspended by our automatic phishing detector if you will be adding username and password field.

    On your another inquiry, Yes, you can create an ordering form using our payment tools.

    Once you added the payment tool, you can add your products there.

    Here's the list of our payment tools that you can be found in your jotform editor on the left panel.


    Kindly let us know if you need further assistance on this so that we could guide you through the process.

    Thank you for using JotForm.

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    Answered on September 07, 2013 at 03:55 AM

    In addition to my response, you can find several pre-made order form available for you to use in our form templates page. 


    Again, if you need further assistance on this kindly let us know so that we could assist you.

    Thank you. :)