How to do search within my submission records?

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    Asked on September 09, 2013 at 04:38 AM



    I receive several messages every day, sometimes I need to search some information like name or phone, but with the jotform I can´t do this because doesn´t find anything wrote in the Jotform form's.


    The program that I use is the Microsoft Outlook 2007.


    Is the any solution?


    King regards

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    Answered on September 09, 2013 at 07:04 AM

    Hello Nescanero,

    Do you want to do search within your submission records?

    It's possible to search for texts in submission records and here are the steps to do that:

    1. Click on "My Forms" and then select the form in which you want to perform search.

    2. Click on "Submission" tab in the toolbar.

    3. In the submissions page, scroll down to see the search box below the submission grid:

    Here you can write your search text and the related search result will appear in grid above.

    Hope this helps.

    Thank you!

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    Phil Gwinn 
    Answered on July 08, 2017 at 04:50 PM

    There isn't a way to search for text in the body of a jotform you receive via email?

    I don't submit jotforms so I can't go to the "my submissions" you mentioned above. I get jotforms in my email as action items.

    I can find the jotforms in outlook by searching for the subject line such as "Re: Jotform Name". But then I have to look at each of them (in some cases there are up to a hundred) to find the specific form submitted because apparently the search won't find the text in the fields of the jotform I received.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciate.

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    Answered on July 08, 2017 at 08:14 PM

    @Phil Gwinn

    We will resolve your issue on your own thread here