Connection Field between Form and table

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    Asked on October 28, 2020 at 04:33 AM

    Dear Support Team,

    with the introduction of Jotform Tables, it seams possible what I was asking a long time ago.

    I have plenty of complicated forms in which there is a field called BOUTIQUE.

    The list of BOUTIQUE (single choice menu) has many choices.

    Each time I add or modify or delete a BOUTIQUE I have to edit all my forms to align the BOUTIQUE field.

    Same problem with other fields.

    In JTable this problem is resolved with the Connection Field.

    I need the same in Modules.

    Is it Possible?


    • Starting from a TEST Widget form (the link)
    • I go in the Jtable related adding a connection field to another Jtable called Boutique.
    • Unfortunately, the Test Widget Form doesn't reflect the change and I don't see my linked field.
    • I return in the related Jtable adding a connection field this time to a form named Boutique but the result is exactly the same.

    Perfect on Jtable but relations arent in my FORM.

    Thank you for your help.