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    Asked on October 28, 2020 at 02:07 PM

    Please see image below. Matrix Dynamique is showing up vertically, not horizontally.

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    Answered on October 28, 2020 at 05:00 PM

    Hello @joshua.vance,

    We do apologize for any inconvenience that you have experienced.

    After checking your account, I have found that you currently have many active forms and I am unaware of which one is causing the issue. I went ahead and took a look at your form titled Case Investigation Form [2], can you confirm if this is the correct form?

    Upon checking the form, I found that the sections are displayed vertically. Here is a screenshot for verification.

    1603918578_5f99daf206eb7_Screenshot (355

    However, I did notice that in the mobile view the fields are showing up horizontally and that is happening due to the screen width.

    1603918774_5f99dbb6a0d68_Screenshot (356

    Do you want these fields to be horizontal at all times?

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    Answered on October 28, 2020 at 05:02 PM

    My apologies, I meant to say that the fields are showing up horizontally via the desktop view and vertically in the mobile view.

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    Answered on October 28, 2020 at 05:28 PM
    Yes, case investigation form [2] is correct. We have several individuals
    who use the forms and they have all reported that matrix dynamique is not
    working as it should, so perhaps you're using a different browser from us.
    We use chrome. Thanks.
    Josh Vance, MPH, MEd
    Epidemiologist | Pitkin County Public Health
    0405 Castle Creek Rd., Suite 112 | Aspen, CO 81611
    Cell: 970.319.8545
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    Answered on October 28, 2020 at 08:57 PM

    Hi Josh,

    We apologize for the inconvenience.

    I've checked your form using different browsers and was not able to replicate the issue:







    Could you please kindly clear your browser cache and check again? If the issue persists, please try to access using any other browser or device and check.

    Please give a try and let u know if the issue persists.

    Thank you!