How can I calculate a sum of values in JotForm tables?

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    Asked on October 29, 2020 at 11:34 AM

    On the old submissions view, you could see a sum of total respondents on your form. Now that feature appears to be gone. How can I add a row that sums all of the respondents data from one question. For example, How many people are coming including yourself? I'd like to see the total sum for all.

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    Answered on October 29, 2020 at 01:52 PM


    This will be a long reply, but do not worry: the steps are simple. :)

    1) In JotForm Tables, by default, you can see the total number of entries at the bottom left corner. Since each form entry is a row, this allows you to quickly see how many people filled out your form.

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    2) To sum up the results to the question "How many people are coming including yourself?", I think the "Inventory" widget you are using is not compatible with our Summary feature. Editing the value submitted by the user can only be done by using the "Edit Entry" button, instead of being able to type directly into the cell.

    2.1. I suggest that you add a Number field under your Inventory widget on all of your forms. You could make it hidden and read-only since it will only be used for calculations.


    2.2. Then, you could link this number field to the user's answer (e.g. 5 more attendants), and see the Number field automatically updated whenever the user selects a number from the inventory's dropdown. This can be done with our Conditions feature.

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    2.3. Doing so allows you to add a Summary to the Number column in JotForm Tables. You would then be able to easily see the total number of seats booked.

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    Let us know if that helps,

    Thank you!