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    Asked on May 22, 2011 at 07:27 PM

    How can I make it so a customer can fill out a form by selecting products with a set price, but then NOT be redirected to paypal? I simply want the form with how much they owe from their order. I can then collect cash from them...there has to be a way to do this assuming that not everyone can pay using an online service.


    Thank you SO much if you reply.



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    Answered on May 22, 2011 at 08:12 PM

    Hi aidan

    You can use the "Purchase Order" field for that purpose. That field is found in the "Payment Tools" menu. Complete the wizard as follows:

    1. On the first panel, select the currency in which you wish prices to be displayed and click "Next"

    2. Select "Sell Products" > "Users can select multiple products" > "Show total on the form" > Next

    3. Click "Add New Product" and enter the name of the product, its price and the URL of its image (if there's one) and click "Save Product"

    4. Click "Add New Product" and repeat step 3 for each subsequent product

    5. When you have finished adding all of the products, hover your mouse over the first one and click "Add New Option"

    6. With "Add Quantity Property" selected, click "Next"

    7. You can change the name from "Quantity" to whatever you wish and change the number that can be ordered to more or less than 10 (as I had earlier stated to another user, you can even easily allow a user to choose 1000 or more of an item by using the tool provided at )

    8. Click "Finish" and "Save Product"

    9. Repeat steps 5-8 for each subsequent product and when done click "Next" > "Finish" and save the updated form

    10. (Optional) Setup an autoresponse so that customers will have records of their orders

    Thanks for asking and please let us know if you need additional clarification on this and there's anything else related to our forms with which you require assistance. Our team will be glad to help you where we can.


    ~ Wayne