Shared inbox page with other user. When they download all PDFs, it sends email with 0 MB zip file.

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    Asked on December 03, 2020 at 07:58 PM

    I have shared a form with my Receptionist, they are trying to download as pdf (one we created called blue med form). It is not letting them download straight away and saying that an email is being sent to me once ready for them to download. I need them to download right away using the pdf layout we created. It is not working.

    Can someone please check our accounts.

    I had to create 2 so that I could use confidential forms without my receptionist seeing those, and only shared what I want them to see.

    I do not want to be notified each time and them have to wait for when the form is ready to be downloaded.

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    Answered on December 03, 2020 at 09:28 PM

    Unfortunately, I don't see "Blue Med Form" in your account. May I know if you are referring to this form If it's a different form, can you please share to us the form URL so we can check?

    Also, can you please confirm if they are trying to download the entire form or just the submissions?

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    Answered on December 03, 2020 at 10:18 PM

    This is the form. When we receive submissions we downlaod as "blue med form" type of pdf that we created.

    We cannot download straight away with the account I shared this form with - riversdaleortho is the user name...

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    Answered on December 03, 2020 at 10:42 PM

    This is what happens when I select "download pdf" in the email we receive once they are ready.

    When I log in to the account with the shared inbox, I try to download and it says 'preparing' but then does nothing and does not download the form.

    They are trying to download submissions

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    Answered on December 03, 2020 at 11:08 PM


    Could you please clarify what you mean by "Shared inbox"?

    The form you've linked isn't owned by the account riverdaleortho.

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to share the inbox, but the form owner can share the submission page.

    Here's a guide to help you:

    Should you have any further inquiries, please don't hesitate to reply to this thread.


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    Answered on December 03, 2020 at 11:39 PM

    I was told by someone at jotform that to solve my problem of having my staff view one of our forms only and not all forms we have (as they are confidential) that I should 'share my inbox' with my receptionist after they created their own account.

    I have done this - the reception account is using email and user name riversdaleortho.

    When they log in, every time they go to download a submission using the pdf we want it viewed in, it says it is sending an email to once the form is ready to download. When we wait for this email (which we do not want to do, we want it to download asap) it comes up with 'page does not exist'.

    This is getting extremely frustrating. The fact that you do not even know that you can share your inbox goes to show how hopeless the service is from jotform.

    Below is the advice I was given about sharing my inbox... Is there a way to have someone log in and share my screen so I can explain this issue and show you what I mean?

    A new response has been received:


    Answered by Vanessa_T

    If your receptionist logs in to your own account, then she will have the same privilege as the owner. There is no way of restricting the account owner from viewing anything on their account.

    If you just need the receptionist to be able to view the submissions and download the PDF, I suggest you make the receptionist sign up for her own Jotform account, then you can share your Inbox page with her.


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    Answered on December 04, 2020 at 12:51 AM

    Please accept my apology for the confusion. Yes you can share your inbox page with any users, and they will be able to view the inbox page from their own account.

    When we wait for this email (which we do not want to do, we want it to download asap) it comes up with 'page does not exist'.

    When you click on the "Download All" button of inbox page, it will zip all the PDFs and send it to the account profile email address. I did test this in one of my own form, and I am able to replicate the issue. It seems the zip file link which is sent in email has 0 MB file. That is the reason when you try to open the zip file, it shows error message

    I am escalating this issue to our backend team. We will get back to you as soon as we have any update from them.