How can I use sell products, sell subscriptions, and custom amount and the customer has a choice of which one they want to use.

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    Asked on October 23, 2013 at 09:39 AM
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    Answered on October 23, 2013 at 11:05 AM

    Unfortunately, Our Payment Gateway Integrations will only let you select between products and subscriptions. You can't have both on the same form and you can't have multiple Payment Integration Tool on the same form as well.

    The best workaround for you is to create 3 separate forms:

    1. For Master Form where you let users to choose between Products or Subscription both are integrated on one form via using "Free Text(HTML) Tool.
    2. For Product Form
    3. For Subscription Form

    To create the product and subscription form, Follow this steps. For this example, Paypal will be used as the Payment Gateway:

    Step 1: Drag the Paypal Tool to the Form and the Payment Wizard should open immediately



    Step 2: Input your Payment gateway credentials


    Step 3: Choose either Product or Subscription.



    You may offer your users to choose only one product or multiple products and click "Next"


    Click "Add New Product" and this window should show.

    Fill in your Product Name, Price and an optional to set sub categories or quantities for this product as indicated on #3 below by click "Add New Option"


    Here you may choose any of the 3 options according to your specifications:

    "Add Quantity Property" lets your users to add a quantity or number of this orders of this specific product with or without individual pricing per quantity.

    "Add a Predefined Property" gives your users JotForm predefined products such as color with/without different pricing, shoe size, T-shirt size etc.

    "Add a Custom Property" gives you the ability to set your own sub product for this product


    In this example, is a sub product called "Area Code" with a specified items. You may choose to enable "special pricing" to customize each prize per specified items or not and will default to the base price of the whole product.


    If you enable special pricing this window will be shown when you click next.



    You may fill in and customize your Subscription according to your requirements before saving the subscription


    Step 4: Creating your Master form

    You need to get the iframe embed code of your or the normal embed code of both your Product Form and Subscription form first.


    Step 5: Create a "Show/Hide" condition that if a user choose Product it will show the Product Form


    If you need further help, please do not hesitate to ask. Thanks