Autoresponder Email: add multiple reply-to-email addresses

  • Ausome
    Asked on January 21, 2021 12:01 PM

    Hi, I used to add multiple reply-to-email addresses in an autoresponder email. However, I'm now receiving a pop up "invalid email address". I know I can add multiple email addresses when it's a notification email. Why has this feature changed? How can I add multiple emails to a reply-to email in the autoresponder email of JotForm?

    Thank you,

  • Anita_K
    Replied on January 21, 2021 02:56 PM


    I apologize for the inconvenience, but currently, it is only possible to add one reply-to email for an autoresponder email.

    I will send a feature request about this to our developers.

    Please note that we cannot give an ETA on feature requests, but we will notify you if we have an update. I will ask our developers as well to confirm if the feature was available before and if so why it has been changed.