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    Asked on January 22, 2021 at 12:34 PM

    I have a product that is contingent on a condition (i.e., if you have insurance, product A is free).

    How can i set that up?

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    Answered on January 22, 2021 at 02:59 PM

    Hello @ediep,

    Thank you for contacting Jotform Support.

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to use the form conditions to interact with the products in a Product List field. The entire list can be hidden, shown, required, or un-required based on the user's responses, but individual products within the list cannot be manipulated by the conditions.

    Your only option to sell your conditionally manipulate the price of your products based on the user's input, then you will need to remove the Product list field and instead add your products as individual single or multiple choice fields and add calculation values to them. From there you can add a calculation widget to calculate the price of your services and then pass that price to the payment field. if the user selects that they have insurance, then you can manipulate the price that is passed to the payment to be 0, if they don't then you can just pass the normal price.

    Here is a list of helpful user guides to assist you with this objective -

    Please give it a try and let us know if you require any further assistance, we will be happy to help.