Adding Form to Squarespace just shows a blank block.

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    James Alexandrou
    Asked on October 28, 2013 at 02:25 PM

    This really isnt working for me. I have followed this step by step but I only get a blank "Block" In squarespace. Any help?

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    Answered on October 28, 2013 at 03:51 PM

    Thanks for contacting us.

    I tried to add a form to my Squarespace page, and I was able to reproduce the issue:

    However, I found that it was my browser the one that was not allowing my form to show up as it was not Secure, once I turned my form to be secure and update the code in my squarespace page the form appeared:

    1. Made my form secure:

    2. Updated the code in squarespace and the form appeared:

    So, in order to let your form shows up, please make sure to check the Form Secure box in the embed wizard, then embed your form to your square space and save the settings.

    However, I wasn't able to publish my page "to the world" and view the page in live mode as I was using the trial, so I would recommend you to while using the non-secure code of your form save and publish your page and view it as a visitor, it could be that the issue is on ly when editing the page.

    Please, notice that when you use the Secure mode of your forms it will affect the 10 SSL Submissions limit per month if you are a free user.

    So, I hope this helps. Feel free to contact us again if you still need assistance about this or kindly open a new thread to make unrelated questions.


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    Answered on January 02, 2014 at 04:09 PM

    Thank you SO much for answering this! You just saved me a lot more time. Thanks, thanks, thanks.

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    Answered on January 02, 2014 at 06:00 PM


    We are glad to know that our colleague's EliezerN solution works, and all is good now.

    Contact us again anytime.


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    Answered on June 10, 2014 at 04:52 AM

    thank you so much for this!

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    Answered on November 25, 2014 at 02:28 PM

    I've tried this but it is still just showing the LINK and not the FORM. if someone with a squarespace website could kindly direct me on how to put this link in properly that would be great.