How to quantity value from the Inventory widget to the payment field on the form

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    Asked on February 09, 2021 at 03:40 AM
    OK so I tried the Inventory widget, I think I understand how to handle
    it...but the issue remains how to associate the widget to the PayPal
    payment object? I guess that somehow the user needs to choose a quantity in
    the widget and then somehow the widget passes this quantity to the payment
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    Answered on February 09, 2021 at 03:50 AM

    Passing a quantity (value) from the Inventory widget into the payment field on your form may not be possible, however, you can set up your form to calculate a total amount based on the number of items selected in the Inventory widget then pass the total amount over to the payment field so it can be processed.

    The instructions on how you can set up your form so it would do that can be found in this guide.


    Please give it a try and let us know if you need any further assistance.

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    Answered on February 09, 2021 at 09:33 AM
    I'm sorry, Ill rephrase :)
    By passing a value I didnt mean the total quantity. I meant the current
    quantity select by the user. otherwise, there could be a conflict between
    the value selected in the widget and the value selected in the payment
    Something like this:
    where 6. is my PayPal payment field
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    Answered on February 09, 2021 at 10:44 AM

    Hello Assaf,

    I assumed that you are referring to this form, 203523621458048, correct? I have checked your form and it seems that you are using the Payment field for a product as well. Please note that it's not possible to use the Payment Field to sell products and at the same time pass a value to it from a widget or a different field.


    You're correct, as it will cause a conflict in the payment field. May we ask for your form requirements or workflow to guide you accordingly? If you would like to pass a value to the payment field we recommend using the Inventory widget for all your products. Then as advised by my colleague use a Form Calculation widget as shown on this guide: How-to-Setup-a-Payment-Order-Form-with-Limited-Stocks

    Thank you. Looking forward to your response.

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    Answered on February 09, 2021 at 01:44 PM