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    Asked on June 04, 2011 at 02:46 PM

    Hey there,

    Firstly would like to say great product and has saved me alot of time in developing my website.

    I was wondering is there a way to have a text box instead of a drop down menu for qty


    I was looking to make a purchase order form like this

    Qty (Number flied not drop down)     Description (drop Down selection)     Price (depending on selection)  Subtotal


    Then on the bottom you will have

    Items Orders  Total

    Just wondering if it is possible

    thanks in advance

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    Answered on June 04, 2011 at 03:51 PM


    Glad to know that Jotform has helped you in so many ways in developing your website forms.

    As for your question, it is not possible as of now. There have been numerous requests for such a feature and although I am not sure if has been approved or not, it is already forwarded in our feature requests list. That means our development team is already aware of the clamor for such a feature.

    Once it gets past the approval stage, our developers will start working on implementing that option as soon as they have the time to do so (yes, they're a pretty busy bunch, working round the clock improving every aspects of the form builder and fixing known bugs and glitches). As such, requests only get a high priority when they deem it as urgent or one that could substantially increase our users' productivity.

    Anyway, one thing I can assure you is that we will notify you once this gets updated.We will announce every feature update on the Jotform Blog or through this forum, specifically on the thread where the feature request ticket is attached to.


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    Answered on June 04, 2011 at 04:29 PM

    Hi ramsanp1

    Basically, you want to have a purchase order that resembles an Excel invoice. Is that correct? If so, this is not currently possible with our form creation tool and only dropdowns can be used for the quantity elements but it would certainly be useful to have such a capability. Of course, it might just be possible to accomplish something like that if the full source of the form is embedded into your page and edited to suit but I imagine one would have to be quite adept at coding to accomplish such a feat.

    However, some customization can be done via injected CSS (Setup & Embed > Preferences > Form Styles > Inject Custom CSS) without the need to use the full form source, as discussed in this thread.

    Thanks for asking.


    ~ Wayne

    EDIT: Actually, there would be no need for dropdowns in such a form. The products could be listed in the "Description" field and their prices listed under "Unit Price".

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    Answered on August 29, 2012 at 06:07 PM


    1 year Later is there any progression on this feature? 

    I Have 82 Products Im having to list, which makes my form very very long, unless you have any ideas how i can shorten the form?

    My thinking was

    [ Product Drop Down ] [ Cost ] [ Quanity Drop Down ] - Once Product is Selected and drop down line appears to select if required 

    [ Lotus I Slim Pro ] [ £4999 ] [ 1 ]

    [ Pleast Select ] [ £.00 ] [ 0 ]





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    Answered on August 29, 2012 at 07:36 PM

    We have a form into our template gallery called Point of Sale . You can take it as an example in order to sort out the issue.

    Feel free to look further assistance whenever you need it


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    Answered on August 29, 2012 at 09:19 PM


    If you have means to use the form's source code embed (having your own website to paste the code), you can 'shorten' the product form height further by divisioning it to 2 columns at max.

    I tried the concept with one of your form, here's the form result

    Hope the idea help as well.


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    Answered on August 30, 2012 at 04:43 AM



    Thanks for this, this will do the thing perfectly, i like how you have moved the qty drown box to be in line, the only question is how to sperate the products between variuos form collapses. ive seen it done on another form?


    are there any instrucutions how to achieve the two column multi collapses purchase order form?


    Jeanette, thanks for you solution, however its a little to complicated lol.