Stopping Form Spam

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    Asked on November 07, 2013 at 02:41 PM

    I have a form that has been spammed and is sending random submissions to our email recipient listing.

    We changed teh email on teh original form but we continue to recieve the spam forms:

    New Quote Request From Rapid Refill's website!
    Source: High Point, NC #268 Landing Page

    Please respond to the customer inquiry within one business day.


    Company / Organization


    Organization Type





    Zip Code


    Daytime phone


    I'd like information on the following products and services:


    Printer Information


    Printer 1:


    Printer 2:


    Printer 3:


    Printer 4:


    Printer 5:


    Additional Info:






    Tech Info:
    Submission ID: 249660486392926493
    IP Address:


    How can se stop these?

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    Answered on November 07, 2013 at 03:50 PM

    To prevent spammers to keep filling your form out and submitting it, you can limit the form by IP address or Cookies

    Please follow these steps

    On the Form Builder:

    1. Open "Setup & Embed" tab on toolbar,

    2. Click on "Preferences"

    3. Go to "Form Limits"

    4. Select the Unique Submission option you prefer. (Strict Check or Loose Check)


    Loose check controls the cookie.

    Strict check also controls the IP address.

    5. Close and Save your Form.


    If you select Strict Check, people in the same network (in the same school, college,university, institution ) will not be able to make submissions, as the IP address for the network would be the same.

    If you are considering the target audience as students in the same school, Loose Check should be chosen.