How can we create a wait or contact lists?

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    Melvina Romero
    Asked on February 10, 2021 at 05:23 PM
    Is there something we can created for a wait lists or contact list? What form would you recommend to use for something like this?
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    Answered on February 10, 2021 at 05:42 PM


    Regarding your question for creating waiting list, unfortunately we don't have a specific widget that offers waiting list feature.

    But, I might not be understanding your question correctly.

    Are you meaning that you want to control the number of people to filling out your form?Then you can use our Inventory Widget to have a limited number of people to register on your form.

    You can DISABLE your form once the number of submissions has been reached. Please refer our guide - How-to-Enable-Disable-a-Form.

    Also, regarding the contact list, I am not sure what function you are looking for - Could this feature be something you are looking for? -

    If I am not understanding correctly and would like to discuss more on the details regarding this issue, please do not hesitate to ask.

    Best regards,