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    Asked on February 12, 2021 at 12:26 PM
    1. zip field input background still not white (asked 3 times)


    1. 2. drop down corners not round (asked 2 times)
    2. 1613150589_6026b97d945d9_
    3. input background still not white:


    1. 4. input background still not white (asked 5 times:
    2. 1613150697_6026b9e969f1c_5. same asked 6 times, wont let me add images here look at the phone field input background
    3. looking to hear from you before 3 pm et US time
    4. please test before sending youa answers



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    Answered on February 12, 2021 at 01:52 PM


    To update the color of the ZIP input field, please add the following CSS:

    #postal_code[disabled="disabled"] {
     background: white !important;

    Please make sure you add it directly to the widget:


    You will need to add the provided CSS to both widgets.

    To make the dropdown rounded, please use the following CSS:

    #input_10 {
     border-radius: 15px;

    Please add this to the form designer:


    To update the background of the name field, please add the following:

    #first_9, #last_9 {
     background: white !important;

    Please add it after the previously provided CSS.

    Can you please clarify your last question? Do you wish to update the background image of the email field? In this case, you can use the following CSS:

    #id_25 {
      background-image: url(;
     background-size: cover;

    Please note that you will need to upload your image before you can use it as a background.