Application form for art show; all submission forms into ONE PDF document only 4 fields

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    Lori Ryerson 
    Asked on February 14, 2021 at 11:54 AM

    I have created a test submission form, Lori Tester 2 OSA Open Juried etc.: We are expecting around 400 submissions for this art exhibit.

    I created a table with star rankings for the Jurors to mark their rankings..

    The table doesn't give big enough images for a juror to see the art. Most of the submissions will have ONLY 1 IMAGE, but there may be about 20% with TWO images. If there is a second image, I need the jurors to see it.

    In order for the Jurors to see the largest possible image without actually downloading every single image and cutting and pasting into another document, I have created (and deleted) numerous PDF attempts to download ONLY THE UNIQUE SUBMISSION ID + [field] MEDIUM + [field] Image 2 + [field] mage 2. I have created (and deleted) several different attempts at your PDF template (there is NO category that covers art, and it will not let me save without giving a category). If I do the PDF in Firefox Browser, it seems to have substituted Unique ID for an invoice number???

    I have attached Jury Form as what I want this to do. But I don't want 400 separate PDF forms. I want the PDF to download ALL the applications, into ONE PDF document with ONLY: Unique ID, Image 1 (and if required) IMAGE 2, per the sample supplied. How do make it download ALL the applications into ONE pdf?

    Is there a way to have the jurors rank right on the PDF, rather than on Submissions form?

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    Answered on February 14, 2021 at 06:56 PM

    How would you like to consider changing the type of view of your Jotform Tables from tables to Upload.


    This way when the submissions are viewed it will look focused on the uploaded images.


    You can add a new column and/select which field you want to show by:


    To view the details of the submission, you can click the view button on each folder.


    The submission can be edited that way to place the rating.


    And the images can be viewed easily by clicking.



    If you want someone else other than you to make changes to or edit the submission, you can share the Jotform Tables, privately.


    And only invited users can be set as collaborators.



    Lastly, if you download all the submissions from the Jotform tables as PDF


    the submissions will be downloaded into one PDF file.


    I'm afraid that the option to place the rating on the download PDF submission itself is not possible.

    I hope this helps. Feel free to let us know if you need any further assistance.