How to integrate the language feature with Wordpress multilanguage installation?

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    Asked on November 12, 2013 at 04:22 PM


    I am embedding JotForms in my multi language Wordpress installation.

    Since there is now the option to use multiple languages in the same form (Kudos!) , I'd like to use this feature :)

    Instead of showing a language picker directly in the form, I'd like to have the form's language controlled by wordpress. 

    I tried this using e.g. a "?lang=de" parameter in the embed code, but this did not seem to be evaluated by the form. It always defaults to English.

    Is there another way to accomplish this?


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    Answered on November 12, 2013 at 07:17 PM


    thanks for your response. I am using this plugin for multi language support:
    It provides tabs for each language version of a page which can be filled separately. decribes the three modes that can be used to control the language setting.

    Before JotForm supported multi languages, I created a form for each language and then just embedded them in their respecitive (language specific) page in wordpress.

    Now it could work the same way, the only difference is that instead of two different forms, I would just embed the same form twice but with different (lang) parameters.

    Imo it would be easier and more stable to evaluate this parameter somehow instead of intermingling with the plugin's JS but I am not an expert on this ;)

    Thanks again!