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    Asked on November 14, 2013 at 05:23 AM

    Hello there,

    I am using Axara MX Premium. I wrote to Xara Support. Here is the correspondence. I would point out that I am defitely not using Internet Explorer - it has been deleted in Add & Remove Programs and it is not ticked in Add/Remove Windows Components. I am using Chrome and my system is Windows XP Professional. I looked at your video (2 minutes) and it appears not to work with Xara MX Premium.

    I did exactly what CS Xara support siad to do manually and it still does not want to work.

    I tried it with a new document blank page as well as with one of my existing pages (with my logo and buttons) - I opened a New Page and tried to embed the code - no success?

    Can you help?




    From: Xara Support []
    Sent: 13 November 2013 17:02
    Subject: [products #APQ-324844]: contact page


    You do, or at least should have Internet Explorer installed. The built in web browser in Web Designer uses the barebones version of IE that you have got installed.

    If your installed version of IE is version 6 then that message is correct, the browser has been detected as IE6.

    You have 2 options;

    - Either install the latest version of IE for you computer (I suspect you are using Windows XP and not Windows 7 as you have listed in your ticket).

    - Or insert the JotForm widget manually rather than through the Designs Gallery (requires more work). You'll need to go to the JotForm website and copy the embed code, then manually create a placeholder in Web Designer and apply the code to that


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    Answered on November 14, 2013 at 07:21 AM


    Please share to us the URL of your website where we can check the form.
    Currently, using your form's direct URL seems to work just fine. 

    There are 2 guides for Xara in JotForm Guides

    1. Adding-forms-to-Xara-6

    2. Changing-Height-in-Xara-7

    You may also try using instead the iframe code embed



    Inform us if you need further assistance.


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    Answered on November 14, 2013 at 12:56 PM
    Hello Jonathan, Thank you for your quick response.

    I cannot give you a URL as the site has not been published as yet. I have
    completed the site but still need to publish it.

    Could this be the problem as to why I cannot get the Contact Form to work??

    If you are there as you receuve this message I can give you access to my
    computer through Teamviewer and you can have a go.

    Let me know I will be here for another -hour.

    Kind regards


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    Answered on November 14, 2013 at 02:31 PM

    Thanks for the reply Ron,

    Please try what my colleague has suggested about embedding Jotform using iFrame in conjunction to what Xara support has stated:

    "You'll need to go to the JotForm website and copy the embed code, then manually create a placeholder in Web Designer and apply the code..."

    Most web designer editors, do not really render any elements realtime until you publish or use it on preview mode or perhaps save it as an HTML file on your computer which you can load the file on your browser to test it realtime.

    Please try this and see if it works on your Xara Web Designer MX Premium. Let us know if the issue persists.