Pre Population of Thank you page and pre population of a second jotform

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    Asked on November 15, 2013 at 09:58 AM

    (I asked the same question on somebody elses threat but thought it would be better to ask on a new one

    Do You have any additional guides on how to use the prepopulation of a secound jotform.

    Scenario: Customer submits a sample request form; after they have landed on the thankyou page, there is an additional form asking if they have any questions they would like answered. The name and contact details can be carried accross so all the customer need do is submit the question.

    And a secound scenario; is it possible to make the customers name appear on the Thankyou page from the jotform.

    Such As: Thankyou James for submitting your request we will be intouch shortly via your email address

    Such As: Thankyou {firstName} for submitting your request we will be intouch shortly via your email address {email}


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    Answered on November 15, 2013 at 12:36 PM

     As long as it is issues that are unrelated and not duplicated then that is fine. It seems to me that this is a slightly separate question so no need to worry about it. :)

    Anyhow, the only guides we have that are related to Prepopulation are found here I don't think we have one that I know of inparticular to " Populating a Second Form itself " but I know there are various explainations of this in our Forum such as this one here

    It should work for you to carry over the data. Which two forms are you using to carry the data over to and from? Is it the same as in your previous thread? Or?

    The thank you page you can just use the tag such as " {name} " to show the customer's name and {email}. It may include some numbers so it's important to look at the id's incase they are different since often it will vary. You can obtain them in the properties or even your email notification inside of the Form Fields Box (on the righthand side). This will make it so that that works. I think the Post-Data has to be enabled if I recall correctly otherwise it won't work for the Prepopulation but I think the Tag's for the Name to the Thank You Page are fine without that part. But you would still need it set to Yes so that your Prepopulation to your Second Form would work with it anyhow.