Jotform Submissions showing no info in Inbox every morning.

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    Asked on February 23, 2021 at 11:46 AM

    This has been happening in the morning for the past few days specifically. It usually resolves itself throughout the day. It is however very bad today and taking a very long time to "catch up".

    What happens is that a submission is entered on any of our forms, and while the submission goes through, the Inbox shows no information filled out, as shown on the attached screenshot.

    If you go to 'edit' the submission, all the information that had been filled out is there, so it's working fine in that regard. Eventually the information does come through, but it takes quite some time. Today it is taking 30+ minutes. Some have not come through at all at the time of typing this, over 40 minutes now. By the time I hear a response from you I'm sure they will have "caught up", or I very much hope so.

    This is particularly difficult for us as we use Zapier to connect the information filled out to a different app, and while a few minutes is no big deal, 30+ minutes for the submission to go through is far too long and a very big deal.

    I've cleared my form cache so far. Is there anything else I can do? What is causing this issue? It seems to just resolve itself in time, but today it doesn't seem to be doing so for much longer than usual. Every day this happens in the morning lately and it is heavily affecting our operations.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Answered on February 23, 2021 at 04:28 PM

    Hi there,

    Happy to help!

    It looks like we had a temporary issue with submissions appearing properly; however, our development team is informing us that this is now fixed.

    You may need to first clear your browser cookies and/or caches and try again.

    Please let us know if the issue persists.