List of problems we are experiencing with forms

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    Asked on February 25, 2021 at 09:57 AM

    Below is a list of problems we are experiencing with our forms.

    1. Sometimes when we log in to view the forms the page is in a different language and we have no clue why. How do we prevent this from happening?
    2. Sometimes when our patients try to access their form it states that the servers are busy so they are not able to access the form.
    3. After patients submit their forms, we try to access the forms. When we go into our page to access their submittion, sometimes it says the submittion is decripting and it just continues decripting and never lets us access the form. This is a major problem because we are a healthcare field and need the forms immediately to use with our patients.

    Please help with all of these problems. Thanks!!!!

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    Answered on February 25, 2021 at 02:28 PM

    Hi there,

    Happy to help!

    In regards to your questions:

    1) When you log in to view your forms and the forms are in another language, what is the URL at the top of your browser address bar?

    2) We had been experiencing higher than usual server traffic on our HIPAA servers due to the pandemic, and this was resulting in a temporary 504 Backend Unavailable error message. Our development team has been hard at work on this and has let us know that this issue has been resolved.

    3) We were also experiencing an issue with HIPAA forms decrypting, but our development team has also let us know that this issue is resolved: if you are still experiencing this issue, you may need to clear your browser cookies and cache and then try again; however, if the issue persists, please do let us know.

    Thank you!