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    Asked on June 08, 2011 at 02:14 PM

    Hello.  I am working on a form that has multiple email address fields.  You can see the form here...

    I would like to add an OPTIONAL area at the bottom, just before the SUBMIT button that either:

    (1) Let's the user choose which email address he/she would like to use to receive a copy of the comleted form;


    (2) Gives them an empty box to input the email address they would like to use to receive a copy of the completed form.

    So, what I want is an area that says "Would You Like to Receive a Copy of this Completed Form?" And, a check box with options that say Yes or No.  If they choose Yes, then they would then have a pull-down menu that has their email choices (from the current form) or an empty box that they could enter their email address.  I'm sure the first option would be very difficult, so I'm fine with the empty field option for them to enter their email address.  But, obvioiusly, I need to ensure that the form will actually be emailed to them if they check "Yes."

    I know I can set-up the form Email Alert to ALWAYS send the form to the person filling out the form (and I would have to pick which email address to use - or I could create multiple notifications and send it to all emails, I suppose).  But, I want this to be an OPTION that the person filling out the form could choose to receive. 

    I've seen this on many other forms out there.  Is it possible with Jotform?

    Thank you.

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    Answered on June 09, 2011 at 01:00 AM

    Hello weborigination,

    Yes, it is possible to make your email address send depending on the prefered email address of the user to receive the email auto responder.

    You will need to use the conditions to make this work. 


    First, place in your form editor all the necessary fields for your form to work. (click the image to view the larger version on a new window)

    You will also need to add the Auto Responder email in Email Alerts. Click Email Alerts and click Add new email button.  Refer to this link for detailed instructions

    Now go to Setup & Embed tab and click Conditions

    A conditions wizard will appear.  First we will need to work on the show/hide field for the selection of asking if the user wants to receive an email. 

    Select Show / Hide a form field in the options and click the next button

    1. Select the question that represents if the person wants to receive an email field
    2. Select Is Empty
    3. Click Add new Rule button at the lower left
    4. Choose Any, so it will be If [Any] of these conditions are matched
    5. Under Then, choose [Hide] and select the email address choices field.
    6. Click Save button

    This will hide the last field where the user has to select which email address should be used to receive the email.


    To have the condition to choose which email address to send an email

    Go back to the conditions wizard and select Send an e-mail after submission

    1. Choose the email address choices field for the If condition
    2. Select [Equals To] and select the value for 1st email address.
    3. Choose the auto responder email alert.  The title of my email alert is Auto Responder 1
    4. By default, the first email address variable will show up.  So you will just have to save the condition

    On the next email address, it will not show up so you will need to find it.  Go back to the Email Alerts and choose either the Notification or Auto responder. Open it and find the variable of the 2nd email address.

    The variable is enclosed by curly quotes { }.  Variables also represent as the container for the email address entered on the field. 

    On the image example below, we found that the variable of the 2nd email address is {secondaryEmail}.  Please take note that variables are case sensitive.

    Now that we have found the 2nd email address, we can go back to the conditions and add another condition.

    Do the same process as the 1st one:

    1. Click Conditions and select Send an E-mail after submission
    2. Choose again the email address choices field for the If condition
    2. Select [Equals To] and select the value for 2nd email address option.
    3. Choose the auto responder email alert.
    4. Enter manually the variable of the 2nd email address and click save


    Now you're done.  All in all you have 3 conditions in set


    You can also try out or clone this sample form that I have created: https://www.jotform.com/form/11584750987

    I hope you find this information useful.

    If you have other questions or concerns, please let us know.  We'd be happy to assist.



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    Answered on June 09, 2011 at 01:51 AM

    Hello weborigination

    Thanks for asking. Yes, what you want (the alternative method of using an empty box, that is) is quite doable with JotForm. Basically, you will need to have a radio button (as opposed to check box) field, set to required, with two choices: "Yes" and "No". A condition then has to be setup where once the user chooses "Yes" an email field (also set to required) is revealed. Setting it to required ensures that it cannot be left empty once revealed.

    At this point an autoresponder needs to be added and the same email field selected as the recipient address.

    Lastly, a condition needs to be attached to that autoresponder if there are other autoresponders associated with other email fields in the form.

    Here is a basic form that contains the functionality you want. Clone and test it to see how it works. You will need two email addresses to fully test it's functionality. Alternatively, you can ask a friend to complete and submit the (cloned) form twice: One submission with "Yes" chosen in the radio button field and the other with "No", and get him/her to tell you what happend in each case.

    Also, be sure to observe how the conditions were configured, so you would know how to do it with your Patient Registration form. Strictly speaking, in the example form the condition attached to the autoresponder is not necessary because there is just one email field and autoresponder.

    To find out exactly how the conditions were configured, from the "Setup & Embed" tab click "Conditions" then "Saved Conditions" then click the edit button (indicated in the screenshot) on each one but be careful not to change anything.


    In the case of the Patient Registration form, you can create an autoresponder for each email field, including the patient's and that of the responsible party. With that setup, you would have a total of three autoresponders: Two normal (one of which is to go to the patient and the other to the responsible party) and one conditional (demonstrated in my form you would have cloned). Also, in order to handle the choice of "Email" in the Print or Email... section of that form, a rule should be added to the condition that shows the submitter's email address when "Yes" is selected. Otherwise, unless I'm misunderstanding something about the form, how would you know the email address to which the General Office Policies, Fee Schedule and Privacy Statement documents should be sent? To add the rule, click Conditions > Saved Conditions > click the edit button of the condition in question, click "Add New Rule" and from the dropdowns construct a statement that would read "If Please send me copies... Equals To Email".

    I hope this was not too confusing but if there's anything on which you need clarification, please don't hesitate to ask.

    Incidentally, a portion of the bottom of the embedded form (including the all important submission button) is not visible in Chrome 11. That needs to be corrected soon but this is not the thread for that issue. Open a new thread on the problem and we'll see how best we can rectify that for you.

    ~ Wayne

    EDIT: After reading your question again and looking at your form more closely, I think my colleague Liyam has a better grasp of what you asked for but you may find useful info in my post too.