JotForm Weekly Updates is Back! November 20,2013

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    Asked on November 20, 2013 at 03:22 PM

    Hello Everybody!  It's me again! 
    I know you were wondering what was going on with my updates. Well, I'm back and I got lots of exciting news about JotForm!
    So, here we go!


    1. JotForm Apps Release with 100 Awesome Apps

    Our developers were really busy working to release 100+ apps. 
    JotForm Apps

    We even had an app competition and those who won are among the best rated ones! Please check our Top Ten Apps here.

    For future JotForm Updates, I'll include a section where I will keep you posted on other apps that can be useful for your specific purposes!

    2. Translation Tool. You can now create a form with a drop-down menu at the top right side which will show the available languages you wish to set for that form. This will help your forms to help you reach a global audience much better!
    Please click on the image to keep reading.



    I. Payment Tools 

    The default behavior would select the first address field on your form.
    Users can now select what address to use as the billing address, if they have multiple address fields on the form.
    When 'none' is selected the first address field will be use.

    2. Paypal 
    2.1 . You can now Add a Paypal Transaction ID Number. For example, if your payment field's tag is myProducts, such as shown below, the tag to retrieve the seller transaction ID will be {myProducts:transactionid}.

    You may place this tag anywhere on your form's email alert (yes, even on the subject line).

    Here's a sample result:

    2.2  Pass any form field data to a Paypal transaction (even hidden fields!)
    Say that you handle lots of forms, and you want to know which form the transaction came from on Paypal
    Simply add a hidden field, then on your form's payment module Properties,  select the field from the drop down menu 

    And viola!  You'll get the Custom field's data  at Paypal side!

    II. Date Format
    Chinese Date Format has been added to both DateTime and Birthday Picker

    III. Conditional logics
    Text Condition is now Case Insensitive, no matter the  case, as long as it matches the text

    IV. Manage Multiple Fields: 

    Delete, Duplicate, Require and Unrequire, Multiple fields at once!
    First Open the "File Manager Wizard" 
    All fields can be selected at once, using the button in the bottom left! Large ranges of fields can be selected by holding down the shift button

    Move multiple fields at once to somewhere else in your form?  Not a problem!
    You can manage this from the Field Manager Wizard as well.

    V. Checboxes
    Set Minimum number of selected boxes

    You probably must be aware that CheckBoxes already had the ability to set a maximum selection of options
    Well, you asked, we heard!  You can now set minimum number of selections!

    VI. Uploads
    Images :  Decide to whether show a download prompt or show the images right on your browser

    The default value setting on Upload File buttons is "Yes" to show a download prompt

    At the lower part of the window, Change the option for Download Images to "No"

    By setting this, next time you get an image, a new tab will open for you to view the images rather than getting a download prompt

    Note: Allowed formats to be viewed on the browser are jpg, gif, and png files.



    1. Autoresponder:  Empty fields can now be hidden on autoresponder emails. This feature was only available on Email Notifications. Not anymore!
    Just make sure that the "Hide Empty Fields on Emails" is set to "Enabled.

    2. Submissions: Unchecked check box options in Submissions Edit mode were not being updated when you re-check that submission.
    Options were being updated on the Grid Listing, but on visual page they were not.



    3. HTML Reports View:  

    3.1 Duplicate tables Fixed


    3.2   Links to images removed


    You can now display them, 

    And even set the "modal" feature, in order to zoom in!

    4. Uploads
    4.1 Error while trying to upload Excel file on latest version
    Excel xlsx  extension is now accepted to be uploaded in our upload field !

    4.2  Image Validations
    You all know that now, we can set an Image Validate control for our Upload fields
    Well, we got an that has been recently fixed! If you still have problems with it, just delete and grab a new Upload field

    5.  Prepopulation of fields will not work when using ?session parameter. Not anymore!  

    That means that if you use the variables them onto another form with ?session like the example below[first]={fullName9:first}&fullName143[last]={fullName9:last}&emailAddress={email11}

    It should look like this:

    6. Submissions Fixes
    6.1  Upon editing a submission, forms would no submit. This has been fixed!

    6.2 Product items were missing in downloaded Excel file upon editing the submission. Done!


    6.3   If changing check boxes options, changes will not show.
    This was the image reported in our forum

     Not anymore!