Plese remove robot-allert and checking for parcing signs and others on pictures

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    Asked on March 17, 2021 at 05:33 AM

    Dear Jotform

    I wrote to you 12 days ago about our problem, and we are still having problems with robot allerts. Will you please remove them as we are busy, and we do not have time to click off all the time. We had the same problem last spring, and you managed to remove them.

    Here is your answer from 5/3 2021.

    Answered by Richie_P

    Hi Jannie, please note that we have an anti-spam measure in place on the Forms.

    The captcha is only asked when we detect unusual traffic from a single IP address or if the system detects that you are a bot.

    I have forwarded your request to our back-end team to remove the reCaptcha when the form is submitted.

    Once we have updates, you will be notified at this support ticket.

    Thank you.

    Kind regards

    Jannie Eslund, BilletBillet,

    Perhaps this is our filenumber: 1614950341 ?ref=answers-new-response&res=BilletBill

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    Answered on March 17, 2021 at 08:13 AM

    Yes, we need to whitelist your username so that this form security feature is disabled on your account.

    I can see that my colleague has already escalated that to our back-end team.

    As soon as there is an update we will let you know the status via this link:

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    Answered on March 30, 2021 at 08:55 AM
    Hi Jotform
    Our support ticket has not been answered, and the problem is not fixed. We still need assistance, and could you please, please remove all robot alerts and pictures of traffic lights and road signs, - we now have to go through one robot allert and five pictures, just to do one transaction, and that does not work for us.
    [cid:image003.jpg@01D72574.1892D8F0] [cid:image004.jpg@01D72574.1892D8F0]
    The problem has been there for almost a month now, and you were able to fix it last spring, so please fix it again.
    Is there a possibility to get a refund from our subscription, - we are not very happy customers right now?
    Kind regards,
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    Answered on March 30, 2021 at 10:14 AM

    Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

    I have sent a message to our concerned team regarding a status update on the ticket:

    Once there is an update we will update you directly on the link above.