How can I remove the encryption in the emails received, and show the data filled out in the PDF?

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    Asked on March 24, 2021 at 05:14 PM

      This is what the email looks like. How do I unlock the encryption?

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     email_logo_small.pngModerna COVID-19 Vaccine Appointment Scheduling and Consent Form  lock-2x.png Hidden to protect your privacySelect an appointment timelock-2x.png Hidden to protect your privacyVaccine Recipient Namelock-2x.png Hidden to protect your privacyVaccine Recipient Physical Addresslock-2x.png Hidden to protect your privacyDate of Birthlock-2x.png Hidden to protect your privacyGender at birthlock-2x.png Hidden to protect your privacyRacelock-2x.png Hidden to protect your privacyEthnicitylock-2x.png Hidden to protect your privacyVaccine Recipient Phone Numberlock-2x.png Hidden to protect your privacyEmergency Contact Namelock-2x.png Hidden to protect your privacyRelationship to Emergency Contactlock-2x.png Hidden to protect your privacyPhone Number of Emergency Contactlock-2x.png Hidden to protect your privacyName of Person Completing This Formlock-2x.png Hidden to protect your privacyCOVID-19 Vaccine Screen Questionslock-2x.png Hidden to protect your privacyConsent (check each box below after reading and prior to signing the form)lock-2x.png Hidden to protect your privacyThe vaccine is available to anyone no matter if insured or uninsured. Please check only one of the following.lock-2x.png Hidden to protect your privacy lock-2x.png Hidden to protect your privacyType a questionlock-2x.png Hidden to protect your privacyFor uninsured patients, please select at least one of the following that you will bring with you to your appointment.lock-2x.png Hidden to protect your privacySignature of Person to Receive Vaccine & EUA /VIS (or Signature of Parent/Guardian if Patient islock-2x.png Hidden to protect your privacyDate Signedlock-2x.png Hidden to protect your privacy lock-2x.png Hidden to protect your privacyGet Page URLlock-2x.png Hidden to protect your privacy     You can edit this submission and view all your submissions easily. 

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    Answered on March 25, 2021 at 01:27 AM


    Kindly note that HIPAA-protected files will not be visible in the emails. I would suggest you check the following guides for more details and a better explanation.

    Should you have any other questions then please let us know.