Worldvision job offer fraud

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    Rosemary Conley Bauer 
    Asked on March 31, 2021 at 05:02 PM


    I received a message from someone using your platform to commit fraud. L5HFFv8nq6yATn99X3rMoOuwuTJVn7huAWRJ3Yly

    • Hello Applicant,
    • Thanks for your response on
    • Detailed Job Description:
    • My name is Daves Kimberly( Regional Manager at World Vision Organization) and I also do Decorations & Art collections with a large client base and because of my job I'm constantly out of the State.I am looking for a trustworthy and reliable individual who works well and understand orders.
    • My previous Data Entry/Personal Assistant got married and moved to Europe and I am keen on finding an efficient, motivated, organized individual who can communicate well and is able to multi-task under pressure.
    • This position is home-based for now and it is a flexible job, working for me is a test of following instructions, someone who is able to meet up with me at irregular times. You will be working 3-4 hours daily in any of the three days of the week that is convenient for you, I need you to work for me as a Data Entry/Personal Assistant. The job is flexible and can be completed at your convenient time, it can be done during your break-time.You will be doing this for 4 weeks until I get back to town so we can formally meet and discuss about the possibility of making this arrangement long term if I'm satisfied with your performance.
    • Your Duties are as follows: .
    • • mail pick ups and drop off
    • • Enters pertinent data information into computer system.
    • • Assists office staff with filing, ordering supplies.
    • • Perform official assignment to detail/ instruction.
    • • Running personal errands (receiving and making payment).
    • • Work independently without much supervision (answering a multi phoneline, doing cash receipts, and scanning.
    • Basic wage is $670 weekly
    • The job is flexible and can be completed at your convenient time, it can be done during your break-time.
    • • AD & D Insurance
    • • 401(K)
    • All I need from you is total honesty and sincerity. I know you will be committed to the work, You will also have a nice period of time working with me.
    • If you are willing to take this job position, please reconfirm your information by filling the below form for the final background check.;
    • Sincerely,
    • Thanks and Best Regards
    • Daves Kimberly
    • Please complete the Job application form below to apply for this position.
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    Please investigate this party and remove them from your platform!

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    Answered on March 31, 2021 at 11:24 PM

    As you may know, Jotform does not promote scams, we are a software company with millions of users who sign up into our platform to create forms, most of them are trusted companies and organizations, but some users take advantage of our platform to create fake job offers, questionnaires, etc., to scam people. We have scam detection methods, a team of reviewers and a system to detect thousands of forms automatically every day, but some of these scammers are able to bypass them.

    The account is already suspended in our platform. Thank you for reporting it. If you already sent a payment, I recommend you to block your account or card involved in it, and dispute any fraudulent charge applied to your card.

    In your case, yes this is a known scam. Here are some advices for you:

    • Never fill out a form coming from an anonymous contact, an unknown organization or a company with no website nor legitimate presence.
    • Never give money to get an employment
    • Never provide with critical information such as SSN#, banking info or driver license numbers to such suspicious contacts.

    How to detect that it is a scam?

    •  It usually comes from an anonymous contact, who has posted a job offer on Craiglists or similar places.
    • It's a job offer that sounds too good to be true, $500+ weekly pay, work just few hours a week, no supervision, easy job, dispatch gifts or packages, etc.