Can I create printable forms with JotForm?

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    Phyllis Lear
    Asked on December 12, 2013 at 02:43 PM

    I am building a website for a CASA organization. (CASA = Court Appointed Special Advocates.) This is a non-profit organization that trains volunteers to represent abused and neglected children in court. Our volunteers have to fill out several forms every month then submit them to supervisors. I would like to create forms that, once filled out and submitted via email, appear as a printable form rather than a list of gathered information/data.

    I need to have the letterhead cross the top, fields that can be filled in via computer, saved,printed, and/or sent via email. The supervisor receiving the form via email needs to be able to print out the completed form rather than just read a list of the information filled in.

    These forms also need to be secure (password protected) to protect the privacy of the children we represent.


    Thank you,

    Phyllis Lear
    CASA of Lafourche

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    Answered on December 12, 2013 at 03:25 PM

    Hello Phyllis, 

    Thank you for getting in touch with us. 

    Just to understand your request: 

    1. You would like your form/s protected, only available to your volunteer and other authorized persons

    2. You would like the form, once filled and submitted (via computer), to display the information filled in a printable format - do you want your volunteers (the people filling out the forms) to see the printable information as they filled it? 

    3.  You would like your supervisors (The people receiving the submitted information from the form) to view it in a printable format

    4. You would like your letter-head across the top of the printable information 

    Well Phyllis, these are perfectly reasonable requests, and we can address them this way: 

    A. Password Protection: We do not allow password fields to be created on forms. This is because it can be used for more harm than good (by people fishing for personal information etc). However, I can walk you through creating a field that hides the form; preventing anyone from accessing the form without entering a special code.

    To demostrate, Please take a look at this sample form, enter the code ##1234: Does it look like something you would work with? 

    B. Submission reports, email notifications to the supervisor, and the completed form can be configured to printable form with a Letter Head. Please Take a look at these articles: 

    1. Creating a "Thank You" Page:

    2. Creating Notification Emails 

    On the second article above, the notification layout can be modified to add the letter head, and arrange how the information should look. 

    I know this is a lot to take in, but we can assist a step at a time to help you get started. 

    Please let us know.