How does a form submitter download a pdf of the ENTIRE form? It cuts off text areas without data collecting fields

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    Asked on December 13, 2013 at 05:38 PM

    I have a question about two of the available options for downloading PDF versions of the form.


    1-The email and the thank you page contains long unsightly links for the "pdf download" {pdf-link} and  "edit" {edit_link} link.   How can those be abreviated for the form/email viewer in those two places?  


    2-When you select to "print to pdf" from the form page it looks really nice and doesnt contain any additional boxes or layout items.  How can we have that as the printable view linked to the email and thank you page "pdf download" {pdf-link} and  "edit" {edit_link} link?



    Currently the pdf version of the form available through the {pdf_link} link and the "edit" {edit_link} link on  the thank you page and in the email does not show the text from a large part of my form that doesnt contain fields to collect data just text.  So the first page of my form isn't in the pdf located at the {pdf_link} from the email or thank you page, its just a pdf of the second page.  It also contains boxes and other formatting options that are not able to be removed.



    What do you know about these options?


    Attached picture contains:

    -Print to pdf layout on the top left

    -PDF view from the {pdf_link}, missing page one from the one on the left

    -thank you page after submission is at the bottom in the center

    -display of links from the email are in the bottom right



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