Calculations with date range between day of fill out to first startdate:

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    Asked on December 26, 2013 at 08:42 AM

    hello Jotform,

    it is possible in Jotform to calculate the day of order to the date the customer orderes my service?-

    For example:

    the customer ordered today but he ordered my service start on the 4th day between day of order and startdate - so i want to calculate diffrent prices for this;-


    If a customer orderes shortly to the first startday of my service it is a higher price-, if he ordered me later it is a lower price - can i do this with Jotform and how?-

    i used it in a other formular but i want to go to JOTForm because it is better and more modern in style as the one i used :

    In the other formular i can range between two dates-, so there is the startdate and the enddate and a hidden datefield - this is ever the date on which the customer fill out my formular it is automaticly and ever the date of fill out the formular;- So now the formular calculate the days of fill out the formular to the first startdate;-


    if is for exampel = 7 days - it is a higher price as if is 10 days because i have much less time to manage the service for the customer!-


    Can i do the same thing with JotForm- or like this maybe over the CSS - Style type functions and how?-

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    Answered on December 26, 2013 at 10:24 AM

    so this is a important function for me- and no other formular as has this function i ll think- but formdesk has no payment function and the style is not very modern so ill think Jotform is better for my customers but i ll need this function!!


    Is it possible to write it with the sourcecode - so than i can give it to a profi he can do it for me if it s possible to make it!-


    is this function from my question practible with the source code and can i caculate this function into the total price?-


    Thank you!!