Have I actually reached quota?

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    Asked on January 02, 2014 at 12:42 PM

    I recieved an email saying that I have reached quota for the month, but I know that I have not recieved anywhere near 100 monthly submissions. I really can't have my forms go offline if this is the case. 


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    Answered on January 02, 2014 at 02:03 PM

    Thank you for contacting us. Upon checking your form, I have found out that one of your submission counters reached their limit. Specifically the Payment Submission counter.


    Answering you question, yes you have reached your quota.

    Please take note that Payment submissions will count against your Payment counter whenever there is a successful submission using a form with payment tool and is different from the normal "Submissions" limit of 100.

    Your account is a Free account so that limits you to 100 normal submissions, 10 SSL submissions, 10 Payment submissions each month. This should reset to 0 every 1st day of the month. If one of the counters reached their limit it will effectively disables your forms. Please see our Pricing Page to know more about your limitations regarding your Free account.

    If you somehow you anticipate to receive more than 10 Payments per month we recommend that you upgrade your account to avoid waiting for the reset periods. You can upgrade your account via the Pricing page just make sure you are logged in to your account before proceeding.

    If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us again. Thank you