Using Date condditons function in paypal tool

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    Asked on January 02, 2014 at 05:18 PM


    I have create a from to sell skipass'es that have 2 separate set of prices. One set of prices for the weekend and one set of prices in weekdays. I have used a conditional hide show  function to show two different dropdowns depending on what day of the week it is... If it is a  a weekday (monday, tueday, wednesday,thursday or friday) I have one set of prices. If you select a sauturday or sunday in the calendar I hide the weekday prices and only show the weekendprices... . Is it a way or workaround to use the same kind of conditional funtion inside the paypal conditional tool, that would be very helpful. See the form I have buildt at this link  

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    Answered on January 02, 2014 at 07:00 PM


    It seems to me that your requirement is only very much possible if we will use the form's source code embed in you own website + an additional custom javascript function to determine the date Day Name.

    If you notice, the primary obstacle why using the form builder alone will not do, is because the form's Date field and condition logic, will NOT be able to recognize the Name of the Day (i.e. it does not know Monday, Tuesday,.so on..). It knows the Day's date, but not the Day.

    From what I understand in your requirement, the current Day have to be known for the condition rules to work. So, this is where the custom javascript function will be used.

    If my suggestion is feasible to you, we can assist you with the creation of the custom javascript function and setting up the Date condition on the form.

    Please take note that since this is a custom solution, it will require you to have your own website or a website where you can embed the form using its source code.

    Contact us again anytime.



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    Answered on January 04, 2014 at 04:55 PM

    I apologize for my mistake on this.

    I was wrong to say that the Date field will not be able to recognize the Day Name in the Conditin Logic -- it CAN recognize the Day Name.

    So, in the condition logic, you will be able to create rules about Dates that can have action dependent of the current day name of the selected date.

    BUT what you cannot do here is use date condition within the payment tool. You can only create the Date condition outside the paypal payment tool.

    Using the form's source code will again make a solution possible.

    Please take a look at this demo form . It was from this guide

    If you check the demo form, the payment tool is categorized (meals, snacks, drinks..) using collapse field-- we can do the same to your paypal payment form, categorize it to Days Name (Monday, Tuesday.. so on) 

    Using the date field Name of Day condition, you can make a category(collapse field view) available to the user when the Day name matches the condition

    Here is a layout of my idea:


    Date Field: (select date)


     ::price option 1


     ::price option 2


     ::price opton 3





      ::price option 7


    The conditin logic will be like this

    IF Date field is equal to Day = Monday

    THEN SHOW Monday

    IF Date field is equal to Day = Tuesday

    THEN SHOW Tuesday

    IF Date field is equal to Day = Wednesday

    THEN SHOW Wednesday

    .... and so on



    Using the form's source code is necessary because there is a need to move the prices option within each category. The payment tool is only a single entity in the form builder, so, you could not re-position the prices to match the categories.

    I will make demo form close to this idea.

    Hope this help. Please inform me if you have further question on this.




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    Answered on January 04, 2014 at 08:16 PM


    Hi, here is the demo form you can test.

    I used the form's source code so that I can position the payment fields(price) within the collapse fields. There are only 2 options to simplify things. So, prices only vary between Weekdays and Weekends.




    Tell us your feedback about this.


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    Answered on January 05, 2014 at 02:03 PM

    Hi I really appreciate your efforts to help me...

    I figured out another workaround that i could share with you.

    I have made it with a combination of two forms... You could see a Demo of it from these two links

    If the date is sunday and the client want a ticket on monday the user have to hit the next button that is a submittmitt button.... and the data the client have entered follws with the custom redirect thankyoupage link that is set up to work with the condtions to work only if the date is set to  monday on the weekend form.   The custon redidirect thankyoupage link that transfers the data and the client to the other page is this one{fromDate}&skipassNumber= {skipassNumber}&email={email}& makeYour={makeYour}

    And if the client pick a date on sunday on when he is  on the other form he will be routed back to the other form  without loosing the information that he already have entered... the redirect link look like this  

 {fromDate}&skipassNumber= {skipassNumber}&email={email}& chooseSkipass={chooseSkipass}

    (make sure that there is no white space in the link above)... Mak sure to have a questionmark  ?  after the ID like this 40038267871962?.. and make sure to use the item ids name (found  in the notification mail) excatly as they are ... else it will not work

    It is a lot of hassle  to transfer data between two forms like this... it could be really time saving... and give a lot of opportunities to the users if it could be possible to have several paypaltools on the same page.. and let the user use the ordinary conditional tool to chose which paypal tool that should be active or not .....



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    Answered on January 05, 2014 at 04:31 PM


    Great work you did here.

    We also appreciate that you shared to us your work, we can certainly have good use for this.

    Your idea work also because it is very much possible to pass data to the Custom URL of TY page.

    I have shared a similar idea before using the same concept like this form


    it is a lot of hassle  to transfer data between two forms like this... it could be really time saving... and give a lot of opportunities to the users if it could be possible to have several paypaltools on the same page..

    Yes, you were right -- it is not possible to use 2 payment tools on the same form. Maybe it was not allowed because it can cause more problem than its worth (having 2 payment gateway on the same form can cause a lot of incompatibilities)

    BUT there are some good workaround available. Like the one described on our guide: 



    Please contact us again anytime for any other inquiry.

    Thank you.