Need a receipt for a payment made through JotForm form.

  • laughinghorsefarms
    Answered on June 28, 2021 02:10 PM

    Hello- I entered a horse show through the jotform process. I never got a receipt for the last horse I entered in the show. I have asked 5 times for the receipt from the show manager and am not getting an answer. I have paid via paypal and don't want there to be any trouble proving my points from this show afterwards, I need a receipt. I have attached a copy of which show it is. The horse I entered that I have no receipt for is WHR Tiny Dancer- my name is Kat Wiegand. I entered about a week ago. I've attached a screen shot for which show- can you help? My email address is 1624903775 60da105f1d663  Screenshot 0

  • Laura JotForm Support
    Answered on June 28, 2021 07:08 PM

    Hi Kat,

    Unfortunately, we are unable to process a receipt for you on behalf of the owner of the form.
    However, as you have paid with PayPal, you should be able to use this a proof of payment, and you can see if you can find an invoice that is automatically created from PayPal.

    Have you tried to contact the event manager by email? If that would not work, I would suggest directly calling them to ask for the invoice.

    Hopefully you will get a hold on them, and we hope you great success at the show!