Security Warning on older WinXP IE browser

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    Asked on January 18, 2014 at 08:48 AM

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    Some of my jotform users are getting a secuirty warning now that I have switched to using SSL for my forms.  I have checked the forum and see many related posts and asnwers, but can't seem to find one that exactly pertains to the message below.  I don't get the message when on my own machine using IE 11 on Windows 7.  I get it on another machine using Windows XP. (not at this machine presently or I would tell you the IE level).  One of my form submitters got the message and was confused by it.  I don't know the operationg system or IE level she was using.  On the XP machine mentioned above, we tried answering yes and then no...both seemed to work fine  (we  successfully got the entry in our submissions, emails were delivered, etc).   I tried submitting the form from my iPad and it did NOT give me any warning.    Is there something we can do to avoid this confusing meessage to our submitters.  I have another form that will come into wider I want to head off the problem there too.

    Here's the URL we are giving our submitters:


    The URL I give below has a button that is a hyperlink to the above form.  The button is the one labelled "Online  Registration"...on the lower right of the web page.


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    Answered on January 18, 2014 at 01:57 PM


    If the user is using WinXP operating system, it is highly possible that the IE browser used was at version 8.0, because WinXP OS is only able to used up to IE8 version only. 

    We do not recommend using older browsers anymore such us IE8 and below. Jotform forms are developed to support newer browsers due to several advantages, like, newer internet technology, as well us majority of users use updated browsers also.

    It will be difficult for us to support your user that uses older browser because if even we find a bug on it, our developers may not put it in high priority because updating the browser used can usually resolve the issue.

    Perhaps you may want to try to recommend first to the user to upgrade browsers (even OS too, since WinXP is also an obsolete version). Or they can try using other browssers like Chrome, because I think Google Chrome browsers can still be upgraded in a WinXP environment.

    I also have tested your form here even on lower IE9 browser, but I am not able to encounter any issue using it.

    Hope this help. Please inform us if issue persist.