Are file attachments scanned for viruses?

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    Asked on January 31, 2014 at 07:57 AM

    There is a "file upload" field widget that can be added to forms. Does JotForm scan uploaded files before the form is emailed to the recipient?


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    Answered on January 31, 2014 at 10:34 AM

    I believe that you might be referring to the Drag-and-Drop Upload Widget. To be honest as far as I know file uploads and downloads are all done at your own risk. I also checked with one of our Developers and this was confirmed. Also, if you request it I would be more then happy to see if is possible to develop some sort of New Widget to scan for such if you would like.

    So my advice to you at this point to better protect yourself and your computer if you have this as a major concern would be to not download any files at all if you feel that unsafe about it. However, there are important steps I have listed below that you can take to allow you to download the files safely with the use of precautionary measures:

    (1) Never hand your form out to people you don't know or trust since they could easily upload a file of that sort and you wouldn't know it.

    (2) If the file seems suspicious in the slightest way don't download or click on it.

    (3) When you do download it if you feel it is okay and need to but aren't 100% sure then you might want to consider using some sort of Sandboxing/VMware Tool. A good free program that does this is automatically is Comodo Premium Internet Security 2014. There are several other good ones as well.

    (4) You can use which is an and extremly useful online file scanner using several different major virus scanners via a secured server to check for viruses that might be hosted in uploads and urls.

    (5) If you think you might have downloaded a file containing this then your best bet is to combat it with HighJackThis which creates a log of to check for files that are flagged for a possibility of concern though it is advised that you be careful with them since often false positives can happen sometimes mostly with important system files. Then follow it up with a full system scan to clean it up by MBam.