Can my redirect link with custom URL go back to a specific page of the form I'm redirecting to?

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    Asked on February 02, 2014 at 04:03 PM

    I'm redirecting to the form that was just submitted, but with prepopulated fields based on data from the previous submission.  I'd like it to go to a specific page within that form.

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    Answered on February 02, 2014 at 04:43 PM

    Once your redirect to the second form, you can redirect the user to a different page once this is submitted

    Also, you might like to add a link on a Text field.

    1) Highlight the text

    2) Click on the Insert/Edit Link icon

    3) Add the URL of the page where you want to redirect.

    Hope this helps you, if you have another questions please open a new thread.

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    Answered on February 02, 2014 at 09:19 PM

    Not exactly sure how that will help my situation.  Basically, at the end of Form A, there is a redirect link on the Thank You page.  The customized URL takes you back to Form A, although this time with some prepopulated fields (using data from the original submission).  I was wondering if there's a way to jump to a specific page on Form A upon redircting there?

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    Answered on February 03, 2014 at 03:20 AM


     I was wondering if there's a way to jump to a specific page on Form A upon redircting there?

    This is not possible at this time. If you noticed even on the regular URL form, you cannot jump into specific part of the form.

    BUT if you are using a linked text(to redirect to the new Form), you can try adding collapse field on the form and use URL parameter on redirect link that can trigger a condition on the new form.

    I am referring to this 2 guides that can be used

    1.  -How-to-Hide-or-Show-Multiple-Fields-at-Once-Based-On-a-Single-Conditional-Entry

    2. -Prepopulating-fields-to-your-JotForm-via-URL-parameters

    If you checked the sample form in the 1st guide and pre-populate it with a value using 2nd guide...

    Two version of the form can be displayed on the user


    If you put all contents of the form within a number of collapse field, and create conditions that will dictate which collapse will open on form load, then it will create an illusion that the form is being opened on the specific part.

    Hope this help. Inform us if you need further assistance.