Multiple file upload doesn't work with files larger than 1MB

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    Asked on February 04, 2014 at 12:30 PM


    I am having some problems with a Dropbox integrated form using multiple file upload button. The form is working fine for any files 1MB or less, but anything over that, and it just does not upload the file, and there is no feedback to the user about why not. I am testing in Chrome but also have customers who are having trouble in Firefox and IE.

    Chrome Console displays the following error, every time I try to upload a file that is larger than 1MB. This error does not occur for files exactly 1MB or less.

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'replace' of undefined

    Now I've set the maximum file size to 300MB, and from searching around it is my understanding that this file upload should be capable of uploading a file up to 1GB so I don't understand why it isn't working. (Does my account need to upgraded to allow uploading a larger file?)

    Please help!

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    Answered on February 04, 2014 at 01:45 PM


    Thank you for contacting us.      

    Your account is fine, you should be able to store files of up-to 10Gb, as well as upload 1Gb files at a time.

    You have quite a bit of space quota to go.

    That error is in relation to the type of file that is being uploaded, meaning JS was not able to define it in the list of allowed mime-types (file extentions)

    I tested your form with the parameters you indicated, and saw the same runntime error - It should not behave in this way, since the form loaded from Jotform side does not respond this way:

    It appears the script is experiencing some conflict on your page (One such, but could be unrelated, is the syntax error on the index page):

    We would like to narrow down the error:

    Please try re-embedding the form's source code once again. 

    Let us know if this helps.