Help me calculate an alphabetical field please

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    Asked on February 04, 2014 at 02:50 PM

    This is kinda weird. I want to be able to automatically calculate a field of just the 1st initial when the first name is entered. So when a customer fills in the first name field, the 1st initial field will be filled in with only the 1st letter of the 1st name. I tried to calculate the initial field with the name field and made it only 1 character space thinking it would cut off the rest automcatically, but it doesn't. Even though I have max characters set at 1, when it automatically fills it in, it puts the whole name there. The form I am talking about is at 

    Any ideas how I can accomplish this? You wouldn't believe how many people think I am asking for the middle initial. They just enter it without thinking. Thanks in advance!

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    Answered on February 04, 2014 at 03:27 PM

    I'm not sure that I fully understand the concept completely but I believe that I understand the concept you are describing for the most part. It's possible to create math calculations based on combined numerical or alphabetical equasions. But the problem is that as of right now the Calculation Feature is only designed to work with simple math calculations and it sounds like what you are mentioning here is much more advanced.

    Example being similar to what you have for " [{first}+{last}] " and within the calculation there is no way to split this up since there is no selector option within it to specify that. I think the only way to do this would be to use the form's source code and rework the calculations with an added custom mathimatical function maybe. If I can think of something more to work for this I will let you know. And also if you would like I would be more then happy to pass this along to our developers to see if perhaps there might be some sort of improvement that we could add to it possibly.