How can I create a form with a cross-checking database?

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    Asked on February 15, 2014 at 07:33 AM

    Hello. I am trying to make a form that is targeted towards the student body in my school. That is, I want the only people who can anwer this form to be the students registered on my list, so I do not get any stray submissions. 

    I was thinking that this was possible by collecting their names and student numbers, then cross-checking this with my database so that my form only accepts registered students. But I've no idea how to go about this. Any suggestions would be great. 

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    Answered on February 15, 2014 at 02:06 PM

    The closest I think that would work best to create this sort of check is the AutoComplete Widget. Basically you could enter in a list of the Names you want to allow as registered. You could then have it use a condition set for a secondary field to have it check this to see if it matches then allow further fields to show including the submit button. Please see my example below. 

    Example Form:


    (1) At first you will only see 2 fields for " Registered Student " and " Verify Student Email ".

    (2) Next fill in Registered Student with a Name from your Student List. In my example I added 3 names to this Field (Autocomplete Widget) to build it's database for Shelley, Lucy, and Melissa. So to test if you type in one of those names or a letter in the name you will see it appear to choose from.

    (3) Now you just need to verify the email address. I've set a condition to show more information for the registered student to enter as long as they are able to verify that. You could use a form password or something else in example to work the same way if you want. In this case type I used their first name so it'd be for the example form. You will note that if the Email Address MATCHES then it will display the additional information including the submit button to allow the form to be sent. If it does not match then nothing is seen except for the first two fields.