If someone doesnt have a paypal account, and just wants to pay with a credit card, how would I set that up?

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    Asked on March 06, 2014 at 01:27 PM

    We are putting together a classified ad email that will go out weekly with the option of being able to submit an ad.  Jotform is what we are using to submit and pay for the ad.  I put in the paypal option for paying, however, if someone doesnt have a paypal account, what can i put on the jotform to enable them to pay with a credit card?

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    Answered on March 06, 2014 at 01:40 PM

    When you click on "Payment Tools" it gives you a variety of payment plugins. You as a company will have to register your bank account with one of these. Otherwise  you would just be creating a blank box on your form where people would be basically emailing you their credit card info, and no one is going to do that. Once you got that cc number, how would you process it back at your office? Whatever banking system that is allowing you to process cards at your office would be able to guide you. But the issue of people not having a PayPal account ... well, everyone does or could set one up within a couple minutes. That takes all the security of people's cc info away so you don't have to worry about it. Other option would be to put your mailing address into the form and ask people to send you a check, I guess.

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    Answered on March 06, 2014 at 01:42 PM


    Thank you for using JotForm.

    With regards on your query, I would suggest you to use PayPal Pro. Using PayPal Pro it allows the user to pay with there credit cards directly in your form if they don't have paypal account.

    You might like to take a look at this article about the difference between PayPal and PayPal Pro.


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