How can I create mulitiple product selections that go to a single order form?

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    Asked on March 13, 2014 at 04:51 AM

    I am creating a camp registration form

    So far I have been able to set-up an adequate option but, I would like to be able to make a product choice for each child and keep a running total for the complete registration.

    For example, if I am registering one child, no problem, I know which child is attending the selected camps.

    If I am registering 2+ children I would like to be able to associate each child with the camp session that they will be attending. So, Sam will be attending week 1 and John will be attending weeks 1 and 2, etc.

    At the same time, I would like to keep the total prices in a central place so the parent can pay all at once.

    I have considered creating a collapseable section for each child and listing the products under each, but this seems a bit of clunky presentation for the end user.

    I hope this is clear when you look at our current form.

    Thank you for any suggestions on how to make this work.

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    Answered on March 13, 2014 at 10:21 AM


    The answer is yes - I'm thinking of the following workflow:

    1. Number of children is selected

    2. Parent/Guadian fills out child information

    3. Camp information pops out under each filled child name, and the required sessions are selected - the sub-total shows

    4. At the bottom of the form, the paypal field is populated with the grand total, and when submitted, the payment is made on the grand total

    5. The user gets a reciept from the payment with the details.

    Looks like something you can work with?

    If yes, I would be glad to run a demo - one clarification -  could you kindly clarify the camp options and costs generally for each child?

    Looking forward to your response.

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    Answered on March 13, 2014 at 02:30 PM

    This information would have been helpful to us earilier this year :). Would take a look at it for next year though. Please make public in some way or send us a link?


    Camp Wightman

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    Answered on March 13, 2014 at 02:54 PM

    Thank you for your response.

    I will prepare a demo (and explain how it works), then present it - as a reference for the following year.

    I shall return and update you here.