"Never" option on autoresponder future email dates?

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    Asked on November 01, 2021 at 09:09 AM

    Hi there,

    I discovered a feature/bug I think. When an autoresponder is set up for a form to send a message, "never" is not an option in the 'send emails later' section.

    This means to set up an autoresponder that should only be sent manually (i.e. when the 'on submit' and 'on edit' boxes are not ticked), you are still forced to enter a date in the future.

    e.g. we use a jotform for job applications. As we assess each application manually, we need precise manual control over which candidates receive which messages at what time. We have an 'Applications are now closed' email that should only be sent manually. But, when the future date is passed, those auto-emails are sent even if the position (in real life) hasn't closed. System is behaving as built, but it's not useful from user perspective if we forget that nominal future date that is buried in the advanced settings of the email autoresponder.

    Problem is, when the date entered here passes but we're actually still open to applications, everyone gets the autoresponder.

    Yes, we could put an arbitrarily long future date in place for a year in the future, but for better control wouldn't it make sense to add a 'never' option in the picklist? I don't want to be sending people emails a year after they applied.

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    Answered on November 01, 2021 at 09:57 AM

    If you don't want to send the Autoresponder Email when the form is submitted, don't change the Send Emails Later settings. Leave it to Right Away.

    Add the Send Email button in Tables and send emails manually at a later date.

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