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    Asked on March 21, 2014 at 07:35 PM

    This is the third time I have asked for an understanding of what the Submission limit controls, and I can take charge of that control, but I keep getting replies that do not answer the question, and do nothing to tell me how I can control the submission limit (I am sure that 1 submission is not worth putting the form together for, just to get on persons submission)

    Please pay attention:

    --- What determines whether a second individual can submit the form?

    --- What determines whether a second individual can not submit the form?

    --- What determines whether a husband with a different email than his wife can submit his own copy of the same form as his wife had previously submitted?

    Please, tell me what elements will preclude submission of this form, and where and how am I able to control those elements.

    Can you do this for me, or is it not possible? This is absolutely essential to our program which needs to be able to permit family menbers (like three teenage brothers) who may each submit, but only once each on this form; and later, each on a different form. I need to know how to control the process.


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    Answered on March 21, 2014 at 09:22 PM

    1) Basically, it is determined by your submissions limit preferences, if they are as default, any individual can submit your form as many times as they want to. (As long as your account does not reach the limit)

    2) It can be determined with Unique Submission options, you have "Loose Check" and "Strict Check".

    Loose Check controls the cookie.

    Strick Check also controls the IP address.

    3) In this case you can limit the submissions using  the Unique question option.

    For more details I recommend you to check this guides: "How to Set Form Limits Based On a Unique Question" and "How to Set up Unique Submissions on a Form ".  Hope this helps you, let us know if you have more questions.