Email conditions disabling on their own

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    Asked on November 24, 2021 at 01:06 PM

    Unless this system is fixed immediately, we are finding it to be the least reliable platform ever envisioned. We were testing out our routing the other day and instead of 3 emails, dozens were sent out - Jotform had arbitrarily disabled EIGHT DIFFERENT EMAIL CONDITIONS. This meant that people unconnected with the project(s) were notified, and the people intended to receive information were inundated.

    What possible reason could this have? We have reached out to customer support probably 6 times at this point, and every time things end up far worse than when they started. What can you tell us about why and how these issues are occurring? I haven't had a positive experience yet with Jotform, so this is the last chance before I find another company and cancel my subscription.

    Why would pieces of conditional notification turn themselves off?

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    Answered on November 24, 2021 at 01:42 PM


    Did the conditions just get disabled, or were they removed altogether?

    Also, did the issue occur today or yesterday? We need this info to check if the disabling is logged anywhere.

    Awaiting your response,

    Thank you!