If I use the source code for an embed, how do I change authorize.net to sandbox?

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    Asked on April 01, 2014 at 04:06 PM

    The title is pretty descriptive, but in case it isn't enough here is my situation:


    I have a page where I need to have multiple forms. I am using the source code so that I can style them as much as possible. Essentially, there are just two forms but the user can submit multiple of the first one at a time. So I could end up with 10 instances of Form A and 1 of Form B for a total of 11 form submissions during one. This isn't so much the problem and I'm not averse to experimenting and learning on my own, but I need to put authorize.net into sandbox to test it. If I do this on the Jotform back end, will it also change for the source code? I guess my uncertainty lies in that I'm not sure how jotform source embeds work, is all of the processing still handled by a script which gets the exact configurations of the form from Jotform itself, or are the configurations in the source code itself (i.e. integrate w/ Zoho, do live mode for auth.net, etc.) 


    On a semi-related note, will having multiple source codes on the same page cause unexpected problems? What if I call Jotform.init inside of a variable? 


    Also, on another semi-related note, if I clone the form element, it is likely going to have the same ID, which I generally try not to do (it's bad practice to have more than one element with the same ID). If I change the ID, will it not submit correctly?


    Thanks, love y'alls service and support. 


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    Answered on April 01, 2014 at 06:20 PM

    Hi Gabe,

    You do not have to touch your form source code, just edit your form in the form builder, right click the Authorize.net field, select Show Properties and set it with the following.

    Make sure to enter Sandbox API and Set Test Mode to Yes.


    Using multiple source code on the same page is possible but I'm afraid it would cause script conflict (contact us here if that happens so we can assist you), we always recommend 1 form source code and the rest using iframe embed code.


    May I request you to post this question to a separate thread as it doesn't seem to related here. Thanks for your understanding. :)