Passing values from one form to another.

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    Asked on April 09, 2014 at 03:14 PM

    I'm sorry for this 2nd message, please ignore my previous message.


    Hi, good afternoon!

    First of all i would like to thank you again by the support on my last question. You have been great.

    Now,I woulkd like to ask for your help if it's possible...

    Let's say that i have twoo forms, "quote" and "booking" - wich i uploaded for can see them.


    In the "quote" form, i have a calculated field with the name - Total. The 1st question is, how can i update that field in based in the following table:

    1-4 pax

    5-8 pax


    55,00 €

    65,00 €

    Cabanas de Tavira

    45,00 €

    50,00 €

    Castro Marim

    65,00 €

    75,00 €


    30,00 €

    35,00 €

    Manta Rota

    50,00 €

    60,00 €

    Monte Gordo

    60,00 €

    70,00 €


    25,00 €

    30,00 €


    40,00 €

    45,00 €

    Vila Real de Santo António

    65,00 €

    75,00 €

    For instance, when i choose Fuseta and 5-8 pax, the total would show 35,00€.

    Can you help me?


    The 2nd question is the following... I like to do this: when i click the button "book" in the form "quote", it would open let's say a html page with the name "booking.html" wich would have the form "booking" and the values from the fields in the  form "quote" would be copied to the form "booking" in the other page.

    Did i make myself clear? it's possible to do this? I would apreciate your help in this. Thanks in advance anyway...

    P.S. I only could uploaded one of the forms but i think you can see the other...


    [update] About the 2nd question, I found this link "", done everything like it says but is not working...

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    Answered on April 09, 2014 at 04:29 PM

    Thanks for the good feedback about our service. That truly makes our day.

    I think your first question has been already answered in this thread:

    So, we will treat the second question here.

    The workaround of the thread you found should perfectly work for you. Could you please let us if you had already embedded your form to the html page while following the workaround? If so please note that you have to use the URL of the html page instead of the form URL itself.

    I tested the Quote form and found that you used the URL of the standalone version of your form and it worked fine:

    So, as you can see the workaround is working fine. What you need to do now is to use the URL of the HTML page instead of the form URL.

    Please make the update and let us know if you need further assistance.