JotForm is responsive right?

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    Asked on April 12, 2014 at 05:59 PM


    JotForm is responsive right,but it's working as a responsive in my site,check this page from mobile or mobile emulator ,you will see the form gets cut off,why is that happening,from what I know jotforms are responsive by default.

    Please help,


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    Answered on April 13, 2014 at 03:25 AM

    Hello Turnupgear,

    Our forms are mobile optimized and they appear good on mobile devices. But, it really depends on the webpage layout and field sizes and you can inject mobile specific custom css code in your form to adjust the look of your form in mobile devices. 

    There are few steps required for your form to optimize for mobile:

    1. Change your form field label to align top.

    2. Embed your form with its iFrame embed code.

    2. Please inject the following custom css code and see if this helps you:

    @media only screen

    and (min-device-width : 320px)

    and (max-device-width : 480px) 

    {.form-label-top {width: 220px !important; font-size: 12px !important;}

    .form-header {width: 220px !important;}


    Please check this cloned form and see if this appears as expected on mobile devices: Feel free to clone this form for a closer look. The following guide shoudl help you in form cloning:

    Thank you!

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    Answered on April 13, 2014 at 04:53 AM


    I added those css you provided,and I also tried to add css on my own,it doesn't seem to affect the forms styling.I have checked using Firebug there are some inline css are getting loaded. How to fix this issue,or should i use the actual source code and add css on that?


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    Answered on April 13, 2014 at 09:17 AM

    You have to inject the custom CSS codes to your form by following this guide: How-to-Inject-Custom-CSS-Codes


    I did checked it using my Android Device and using emulator but all looks the same with responsive formatting:




    Did you check it using your actual mobile device?


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    Answered on April 18, 2014 at 07:37 AM

    Yes I recieve the same problem on my mobile device

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    Answered on April 18, 2014 at 11:25 AM


    Can you please clarify if this was the form involve

    I did checked the form, but I found no injected CSS codes on it to make it mobile responsive.

    Please clarify if this is the wrong form I was checking.