Dynamic Text Box and Re sending Notification Emails

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    Asked on January 03, 2022 at 06:09 PM
    1. Is there a way to simply hit enter after entering data in a dynamic text box and create the next entry field rather than clicking the add more button?
    2. I reviewed the support page on how to resend notification email (by editing the submission and submitting again) however this did not work. Please advise
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    Answered on January 03, 2022 at 10:57 PM


    1. You will need to manually click on the Add more button. The enter option will not work on the widget.
    2. You can use our Send email button feature on your submission page directly. You do not need to edit the submission. Please check this guide for details: https://www.jotform.com/help/1691-how-to-send-an-email-with-form-data-in-jotform-tables/.

    Do try and let us know.

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    Answered on January 04, 2022 at 01:04 PM

    thank you for your response. Is there an alternative to the dynamic text field that will allow me to hit enter and create another data entry field?

    I followed your instructions and figured out how to resend notification email however I may be doing something wrong because I am not receiving the email whereas with just submitting a form entry, I do get the emails without problems

    1641322218_61d496eab95c9_Screenshot 2022

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    Answered on January 04, 2022 at 04:20 PM


    The only fields that expand like that are these widgets. You'll need to click if you want to add more.

    When I made a clone of your form the emails were sending from the table just fine, I logged in your account and went to the table and tried sending the table email you had and it didn't appear to send though in the logs. I then created another test column with a new notification and used my email and it went through.

    Could you try creating another email notification and and using that one to see if that one sends? If that doesn't work could you try cloning the form and see if the cloned version works like mine did?