Input table: POST data not sent in order

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    Asked on January 04, 2022 at 12:44 AM

    I am trying to capture data from an input table using a web hook at integromat. If the table has inputs in all rows, the information is sent as a collection and I can choose where to store the data, using the functions in integromat. In the case where the table does not have each line completed, the data is sent as an array and my scenario won't pull the data. Can you assist in helping me understand what I am doing wrong or missing? I did a work around for this form by storing the values into hidden fields, but this takes a lot more coding on my end, and I need to do a form that has up to 75 rows and would like to figure this out before searching a different option.

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    Answered on January 04, 2022 at 03:43 AM


    I have tested this option and it looks like returned array always starts from 0, so it is not possible to know what fields have been selected and which are not.

    I will send this to our developers. As soon as we have more information, we will let you know.

    Thank you for your patience.