My form is cut off when I view it as embedded on my site

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    Asked on May 07, 2014 at 12:29 PM

    Ciao ragazzi, innanzitutto complimenti per il vostro lavoro, sto passando parola, JotForm è una piattaforma molto ben fatta.

    Vorrei capire da voi perché nel sito che sto curando alla mia azienda (Wordpress 3.9, template Fruitful) qualsiasi Form che da voi vedo perfettamente mi viene tagliato inesorabilmente una volta postato.
    Ho il sospetto ci sia qualche relazione con il CSS del template ma non riesco a capire dove.

    Guardate voi stessi:










    Mi è capitato anche per un altro Form sempre realizzato con voi, in un'altra pagina, e pensavo fosse un bug temporaneo. Invece ogni volta si ripropone lo stesso problema: l'anteprima su Jot è perfetta ma sul sito viene tagliata, e sempre dello stesso numero di pixel. 

    E' possibile che sia una preimpostazione del template che impedisca l'inserimento di un Form esterno oltre una certa altezza? Mi pare inverosimile..

    Grazie in anticipo!


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    Answered on May 07, 2014 at 02:30 PM


    Thank you for the kind words - much appreciated.

    About the form that is cut off - please share the URL to the test page where you have embedded the form for us to take a look.

    You may also want to try out our Wordpress applications to add the form to your website - please check this link - install the plugin and let us know if it helps:

    Here are others -

    We look forward to your response.

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    Answered on May 08, 2014 at 04:03 AM

    Hi there!

    Thanx for you support,

    here's the URL test

    I tried to install the Embed version, I see the icon with the pencil, I can use JF in the integrated mode, but the problem remain at least, the same cut off of the URL I wrote. 
    I tried to install the Form Generator for Wordpress, I logged in, I get the API key (twice), but it seems to not connect with JF, I'm afraid.

    Any setting in my css stylesheet, maybe? 

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    Answered on May 08, 2014 at 04:09 AM

    ...just to say... look at this one
    As you can see form works because is not high than xx pixels.. it's so strange.


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    Answered on May 08, 2014 at 05:13 AM

    Hello mmazzon,

    Are you having issue with your form #41253990047354?

    I did check the URL shared by you:  test

    But it seems to be a wordpress preview URL which we will not be able to check. Please publish the page and then share the page URL and we will take a look and then suggest you required custom css injection.

    We will wait for your response?

    Thank you!

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    Answered on May 08, 2014 at 05:48 AM

    Yess, really sorry, try this ->

    We have a clue: I used the same Form code in a page of a another website and it works!! It's totally visible.

    There's something wrong in my business template, probably :( I'm driving crazy

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    Answered on May 08, 2014 at 08:03 AM



    The latest I test, I was able to see the full form in your website  and even successfully submitted the form.


    BUT just to be sure, may I suggest you also try to re-embed the form on your website using its iframe embed code instead.

    Use this guide -Getting-the-Form-iFrame-Code

    Please inform us if you need further assistance on this.